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Mrs Marion FINNEY

Official Judges Critique

Judging: Toy Group


Judge: Mrs M Finney


I have been involved with and a great admirer of Yorkshire Terriers since my teenage years. In those days, and for many decades since, Yorkies had topped the registrations in both the UK & Ireland.  I remember watching them being judged at Crufts & other UK shows and being in total amazement with the quality lineups, all on their red boxes . Absolutely stunning examples of the breed in type & construction & movement, just floating around the ring showing of their perfect coats of correct texture and perfect blue & tan colouring. 

Sadly, time has marched on and we do not have that many big kennels now who had the space & time to rear many puppies each year to just get that one very special puppy to carry on the affixes name in the show world.

So unfortunately, now the Yorkie entries worldwide have gone down & quality has somewhat diminished too.

I certainly found a significant difference in my entry number & overall quality at WKC compared to my last time judging Yorkies at the UK Toy Dog show.

Despite a rather chilly day in Wales, everyone seemed to be in good form & accepted my decisions very nicely.  Thank you all for entering under me.


BEST OF BREED : SHARP-DIXON & REYES, Mr K & J Ch Queenslake Lord of the Ring
Dog CC : SHARP-DIXON & REYES, Mr K & J Ch Queenslake Lord of the Ring
Res Dog CC :  A TAYLOR, Mr & Mrs L I'm A Believer of Bierlyn
Bitch CC : DAVIS, Mr Howard Stolvis's Rainbow Shower
Res Bitch CC : DIXONHARDWICK, Mrs Moe & DIXONHARDWICK, Miss Charl Marlukney's Lady On Red At Aacharmoe
Best Puppy : DIXONHARDWICK, Mrs Moe & DIXONHARDWICK, Miss Charl Marlukney's Lady On Red At Aacharmoe
Best Veteran : KERCHEY, Miss B Hydefinition Jazzy Justin

VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0. 1st: KERCHEY, Miss B Hydefinition Jazzy Justin, what a beautiful charming veteran of 9 years old  started my day off. Very pleasing head with nice ear set, super temperament & was really enjoying his outing. He is in excellent condition for his age & so nicely balanced throughout. Very good tail set & feet. His coat is a credit to his owner & his nice 3 shaded tan & body blue coat were very spectacular as he moved around the ring.   I was delighted to award him best Veteran in breed, a worthy winner. 


PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0. 1st: PARVIN, Ms J Stand by me of Eves Amulet @Trayshellin (imp Rom). Nice upstanding dog, his head & body coat do need to clear a bit in colour but he is only 10 months, so time is on his side.  Very pleasing masculine,  well balanced head, good eye & correct dentition He has a very nice outline & shape, adequate angulation for & aft & ribs carried nicely back .Standing & moving he holds his topline very well & covers the ground with easy action. 

JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0. 1st:  A TAYLOR, Mr & Mrs L Bierlyn's Wig Wam Bam. Petit, well made dog, showing a very balanced outline on his box & moving around the ring, just one year old. I would prefer a stronger muzzle & foreface but he does have very nicely set ears, denttion correct except still holding onto a baby tooth.  He has a nicely angulated front & rear & good feet & enough bone for his size. Correct coat texture & his colours are just coming nicely.  Very well trained & presented.

PGD (1 Entries) Abs: 0. 1st: CONWAY, Mrs C Stadmeyer Romeo. Up to size boy of 4 years rather heavy in head & full in eye & ears a bit wide set.  Well made adequate angulated body sadly stacked on his box he doesn’t do himself justice his topline can look a bit dippy  but moving it all changes he really shows off his nice outline, tail set & topline & covers the ring with easy action  . Nice quality coat & good colours.

LD (2 Entries) Abs: 0. 1st: A TAYLOR, Mr & Mrs L I'm A Believer of Bierlyn. Active lively very nicely shaped dog of 2.5 years. Nice head, well set ears & correct dentition. A little upright in front but a good topline & well angulated strong hindquarters. Very nice to go over & moves out very well keeping his outline & covering the ring with easy movement . Very nicely shaded tan & body coat of good quality & length. Res CC. 2nd: KERCHEY, Miss B Murtach the Macko. Up to size dog 4 year old boy carrying a bit too much weight. His head is rather heavy, ok eye & ears. Balanced body & angulation but, maybe it was the ring, but he wasn’t moving out as I felt he could. His body coat is still rather dark & really too heavy in texture. His head coat has cleared nicely.

Class  OD (4 Entries) Abs: 1. 1st: SHARP-DIXON & REYES, Mr K & J Ch Queenslake Lord of the Ring. Very elegant quality dog, just over 2 years old . He has a most appealing correctly balanced head with a strong muzzle, correctly shaped eye and well placed ears. I would prefer a better filled front, but his shoulders are well laid back going into a very well balanced body. Ribbing carried well back & nice strong rear with correct angulation & hocks well let down. His coat is of excellent texture & colouring he has the correctly 3 shaded tan and that wonderful steel blue body coat.  On the move he really glided around the ring showing of his lovely topline & overall shape. Presented to perfection. Delighted to award him the CC & later BOB. 2nd: HIGGINS, Mrs Lisa Marie Jumara Just The Job For Jastarlo. A larger boy with a lot of good breed qualities too. He has a rather long foreface,  his eyes  & ears are well set. He has an excellent well filled & angulated front, nice neck going into a well made body & nice curvy rear. His head & body colours have very good depth of colour & correctly shaded. I felt the texture of his body coat a bit heavy & maybe, if it had been trimmed, it would have given him a better chance to move on the uneven grass, which he did struggle with & this too affected his topline . Nevertheless a quality dog. 3rd: SHIRLEY, MR & MRS B. F. & V. CHERLEM LUIS ALBERT


Class MPB (1 Entries)  1st: DIXONHARDWICK, Mrs Moe & DIXONHARDWICK, Miss Charlotte Marlukney’s Lady On Red At Aacharmoe. What a little treasure this girl is. She is obviously well trained as she showed like a pro today both stacked on her box & moving.  She has a very nice balanced outline. Very pretty, feminine head, nicely set ears & correct eyes. Correct bite. Even for her age her front assembly is well filled & shoulders correctly laid back, nice body & hindquarters, good feet & bone. Yes she may be described as looking leggy now but she has a lot of maturing to do & when her coat grown more  I do think she will look a really nice girl.  I had no hesitation awarding her the Res CC.


Class LB (1 Entry) Abs: 0. 1st: 2019 DAVIS, Mr Howard Stolvis's Rainbow Shower. A top quality girl, very well balanced throughout. Very pretty head, correctly place ears & good eyes good muzzle. I would like a touch more angulation in her front. She has a lovely body, ribbing carried well back continuing into strong firm rear with firm low hocks. She has a very firm topline which she held both on her box & moving around the ring. She doesn’t have an abundance of coat but it has good texture & clear colours in both tan & steel blue. All this shows to perfection when she moves so lightly & with drive around the ring. Happy to award her the CC.

Class OB (4 Entries) Abs: 0. 1st: 2014 HIGGINS, Mrs Lisa Marie Jastarlo Chinese Whispers. Strongly made 3 year old bitch, well presented. Pleasing head correct ear, eyes & dentation. Well made front & nicely laid shoulders, good feet.  Nice coat with good colours & texture.  Good topline while being stacked, unfortunately she didn’t hold it as good moving, so her movement around the ring was a little uneven maybe not helped by the grass.2nd: CARRUTHERS, Mr S T FRASERMAR DREAM LOVER. Another nice quality girl. For me she is a bit long in body & low to the ground. She has a nice head & expression, good ears & eyes, nicely assembled front and nice coat texture & colours. Unfortunately, she didn’t hold her shape on the move.


Marion A Finney Judge.