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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm trying to register but the site says my email address is already in the system.

If your email address is already in the system and you know your password, please login to the site with your email and password to get access to your account.

If you don't know your password, or don't remember setting it please use the "I forgot my password" link on the login screen to get an email with a link to a page where you can create a new password.
Login with your email address and new password.

I've created an account but it's asking me to verify my email address
For the security of your personal data the new Higham Press website needs to check your email address is correct before you can login for the first time.
The site will send you an email with a link.
Click the link to get to the site, and then login for your email address to be verified.

The will also happen if you change your email address in your account.

I tried logging in with my DogBiz password but it doesn't work
DogBiz accounts have NOT been transferred to the new site.
However some POSTAL entry account info has been transferred if you used an email address on your postal entry form.

If you have a DogBiz account please setup a NEW account on this new site and add your dogs to this new account.

The site says I can't use my password
For the security of your personal data the new Higham Press website requires you to use a secure password. It needs to have letters, numbers and symbols.

In the event the password you want to use has been identified as being found in a data breach on another website, the Higham Press site will ask you to create a different password. As the old one is no longer secure.

I didn't receive a password reset
Please check your spam folder just in case it's in there.
Please try searching your inbox for "Higham Press" as all emails from the site start with these words.

If you still don't have your email please try requesting another password reset, but make sure the email address IS the one for your NEW account, and that there are no typos.
Sometimes autocomplete can enter an incorrect address and this will result in the site not being able to send you the email.

Please note - if you do not have an account on THIS website you will NOT receive a password reset email.

On DogBiz I had more than one account - do I only need one now?
Yes! The new Higham Press site allows you to have 1 account login only. So you only need one email address and password to securely manage all the dogs you are an owner of from one account.

I want to add an owner to my dog, but they don't have an email address
The site has been updated so it's now possible to add the name of an owner who doesn't have an email address.

Please note adding an owner's name ONLY means this owner will NOT be able to manage this dog or enter it into shows via this website.
If they wish to do that, please invite them by email address instead -- see the FAQ below!

If you select the pink text to add an owner by name only the fields will be revealed to type their title, first name and surname.
This will then be added to your name with the list of owners of the dog.

If you want to add the name of another owner click the pink text to add an owner by name only again.

Please then proceed through the remaining steps to add or edit your dog to save the changes.

I want to add an owner to my dog with their email address
Edit the dog in your account
Click the pink text to "invite another owner" which will reveal a field where you can enter their email address.
You can add as many as you like this way.
Click proceed to check all the other details for your dog.
Once updated the site will send out an email to each person you invited.
The email will give them a link to the website where they can login or create their account. They can then accept ownership of the dog and it will be added to their account too - so you BOTH have access to the same dog without both having to add the details!

Until they accept ownership you will see PENDING next to their name when you edit the dog.
Once accepted their name will appear on the My Dogs page as well.

How do I add UK as the country in my address
You will need to add "United Kingdom" to set UK as your country.
The address form has a built in list of all possible countries!
Start typing the full name of the country (at least 3 letters) and you'll see a list appear.
You can then select your country from the list.

I want to add my dog but it says my KC number is invalid
Currently the system is expecting your KC number to have 2 letters and then 8 numbers.

If you only have 7 numbers please include a 0 after the letters.
e.g. HP01234567

I don't know how to add a breeder to my dog
If you are not the breeder then select No to the question "are you the breeder?", otherwise leave this as Yes.
Then click the pink text to "Add another breeder" which will reveal fields for you to enter the name of a breeder.
Click the pink button to "Add breeder" and the name fields will disappear. Their name will be shown with a small dustbin icon next to it. This allows you to delete a name.
You can add more than one person at a time this way.

I want to delete a dog in my account
Currently this is not possible.
There will be an option in the future to indicate that your dog has passed away

The personal information on my account is out of date
If you have previously included your email address on a POSTAL entry form to Higham Press, we have added your details to this new site for future postal entries.

However, if you wish to make use of an online account with this email address you can do so by setting a password for your account using the the "I forgot my password" link on the Login page. This will send you an email with a link to a page where you can create a password for your account.

When you login you will see the details that have been transferred from your old postal entry. If these are out of date please feel free to update them.

Not all my dogs have been transferred
In some cases it has not been possible to transfer all records from the old system to the new one.
Where possible we have added all the dogs associated with your email address to your new account.
If any are missing you can add their  information yourself on the website from My Account > My Dogs > Add a dog.

How do I get my info from Dogbiz to this new site?
We recommend copying all your dog info from DogBiz to a Word document, or to a Notes app on your computer/iPad/Phone.

You can then review it and then copy-n-paste it over to the new Higham Press site at your leisure - rather than copying it all over at once.
On this new site it will ask you to add one dog at a time, starting with the owner details, then the dog details and then the breeder information.
Having everything to hand in advance will make this easier.

If you want to copy from DogBiz to this site directly you will need to have BOTH websites open in your browser at once in different tabs.
Start on DogBiz and select the text you wish to copy.
Then switch to the Higham Press site tab and paste in the info.

I tried to add my dog and got a strange looking error!
If you are using a Mac, or an iPad or iPhone its possible you are using the Safari web browser.
This browser is formatting the date of birth of the dog to MM/DD/YYYY which is the American format.
Other browsers (such as Chrome) are using the UK format DD/MM/YYYY

It gives an unpleasant error if you enter 20 where it expects a 12 (for example)

We are aware of this issue and our developers are working to make this easier to use!

If you are using Safari please wait until this is fixed before adding your dog.
If you wish to try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox the date of birth will work correctly with the UK format DD/MM/YYYY

Adding an owner that doesnt want to set up an account or be linked via email
When entering a dog on step 1 please click 'or add the name of another owner' and fill in the owners details and click 'add owners name' which is in the pink box below, and it will log the information at the top with your name, this can be done multiple times if you have more than 2 owners.