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Show Results - Toy Group

Judge: Mrs V Blore

BEST : 4332 THOMAS, Mr Gary - Ch. Jonsville Gucci - PEKINGESE - Dog
RESERVE : 3781 COAD, Mr M - Ch Pamplona Tina Turner - BICHON FRISÉ - Bitch
3rd : 4175 GRAHAM, Mrs J - Ch Ch Jameneli Whirlwind - LÖWCHEN (LITTLE LION DOG) - Dog
4th : 4147 BOWLES-ROBINSON, Mrs C - Ch Baldragon Shoots He Scores - KING CHARLES SPANIEL - Dog

Mr G Thomas - Ch. Jonsville Gucci with group judge Mrs V Blore

Mr M Coad - Ch Pamplona Tina Turner with group judge Mrs V Blore

Mrs J Graham - Ch Ch Jameneli Whirlwind with group judge Mrs V Blore

Mrs C Bowles-Robinson - Ch Baldragon Shoots He Scores with group judge Mrs V Blore

Toy Group - Puppy
Judge: Mrs E Stannard

1st : 4227 STRACEY, Miss R Galkerah's Antonia to Krieger - MINIATURE PINSCHER - Bitch
2nd : 4339 AKELIS, Mr James Altina Like Father Like Son at Yoshe - POMERANIAN - Dog
3rd : 3976 ROONEY, Mr S J Yorone Centre Stage - CHIHUAHUA (SMOOTH COAT) - Dog
4th : 4173 CHAPMAN, MR Stephen JAMENELI Look who's Back at RISHKHAN - LÖWCHEN (LITTLE LION DOG) - Dog
Miss R Stracey - Galkerah's Antonia to Krieger with puppy group judge Mrs E Stannard & A Morton (Royal Canin)

Toy Group - Specbeg
Judge: Mr L Cox

1st : 3766 MASKELL, Mr Stephen Scapafield Schwarz Quarrel - AFFENPINSCHER - Dog
2nd : 3983 BOWERS, Miss Nicola Bryelis I'm On My Way at Riveralca - CHINESE CRESTED - Bitch
3rd : 4314 HARBRON, Miss Sheila Bratilda Starman - PEKINGESE - Dog
4th : 4065 RUSSELL, Mrs C Dyffrynsands Destinys Day To Claravi - HAVANESE - Bitch
Mr S Maskell - Scapafield Schwarz Quarrel with spbeg group judge Mr L Cox

Toy Group - Veteran
Judge: Mr J Horswell

1st : 4481 WIEGAND BROWN, Ms A J Ch Jasopian Eyes On Me at Andelalie JW - YORKSHIRE TERRIER - Bitch
2nd : 4207 HARRISON, Ms J D Ch Trenson Flummadiddle Sh.CM - MINIATURE PINSCHER - Dog
3rd : 4007 MURRAY, Mrs J A Happypaws Carefree Sh.CM ShCEx - COTON DE TULEAR - Bitch
4th : 4440 PIKE, Mrs G & PIKE, Mr S Gemgwynad Dragonheart At Eivisah - PUG - Dog
Mrs A J Wiegand Brown - Ch Jasopian Eyes On Me at Andelalie JW with veteran group judge Mr J Horswell