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Note to Exhibitors
As SKC shows are exempt from benching in both May and October this year, part of the KC guidelines are:-
Reminder that dogs need to be identifiable at all times. No numbers on benches exhibitors will need crate tags in order for their dogs in crates to be identifiable
Exhibitors must comply with all reasonable requests from the show management especially regarding any potential safety issues, this is in addition to being aware of their surroundings at all times.
Akita judge is Mrs D Whincup not as printed in schedule
Judge Changes
Schipperke will now be judged by Mr A Wright (STKCA)
Hungarian Puli will now be judged by Mr M Gilchrist (STKCA)
Norwegian Buhunds Judge to judged by Mr S Hall (STKCA)
Working Group Judge to be judged by Mr G Hill (STKCA)

Ring 15 - Spaniel (English Springer)  (Not before 9.30am) – MR H. OGDEN
Dachshund (LH) will start at 9.00am - there are 16 dogs entered. – MR H. OGDEN