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Judges Critiques

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Ms Allyson KING

Official Judges Critique

Judging: Pastoral Group, Veteran

Pastoral Group – Veteran

Here were some quality Pastoral Veterans within their respective breeds, 20 were qualified, (with 4 absent,) of which 8 were champions and such quality even in my shortlist but sadly only four places.

Absolutely thrilled to watch the Border Collie take Best Veteran in Show under Mark James. A couple had to be judged then go back into the main ring and Pastoral Group in which later the Border Collie also took Group 2 Well done.

Judge: Allyson King (Allyking)

1st : 4010 GREEN, Mr R K & RATCLIFFE, Miss J Sh Ch. Fayken I Am Love JW - BORDER COLLIE – This super quality black and white bitch I have recently given here a Group 2 at Driffield. Super feminine make and shape, such appealing expressive oval dark eyes and attentive alertness to handler using her ears well, lovely skull and muzzle taper with correct bite. Nice arch of neck fitting into well laid shoulders. Good depth to chest and elbow fit, firmest of loins with good croup and tail set. Rear has excellent muscling and low set hocks standing on correct oval feet. Moving, has a free effortless ergonomic ground cover with slightest of foot lift whilst retaining the feminine balanced shape with superb handling and speed one could go all day. Pleased to watch her take Pastoral Group 2 under Marion Hodgson. Then thrilled to see her take Best Veteran in Show under Mark James. Well done.
2nd : 4054 HILLIER, Mrs S Ch. BAREMBAKE ALBUFERA AT CHARSON - BRIARD – Dog 7yrs Richly coloured fawn lad. So unlucky today to meet 1. Masculine outline on the stand with excellent well prepared coat of good texture. Head is equal in skull to muzzle ratios, with good stop, lovely eye and pigment. Correct length of neck into well laid shoulders. Chest is deep and broad with good elbow fit, firm top line and loins. Well-constructed rear and bend of stifles, low set hocks and boned double dewclaws, and length to tail. Moving had good drive and power with good forward reach and fluidity and held a lovely shape.
3rd : 3917 BOWDEN, Mrs S E & BOWDEN, Miss C E Ch. Subessen Blaze of Fire VW - BEARDED COLLIE – Bitch Beautiful 9yrs. feminine silhouette on the stand in superbly present quality jacket. Lovely flat skull and ratios to muzzle, ear set and alertness showed slight lift. Neck slight arch fitting into good lay of shoulders and fit of elbows. Chest has depth and good ribbing firm loins good croup and firm muscling standing on neat low set hocks. Moving was in complete unison with handler showing free effortless ground cover.
4th : 4316 DOUGLAS, Mr William Joseph & DOUGLAS, Mrs June Taronakits Krackerjack Of Troystar - SAMOYED - Dog 10 1/2yrs. Medium sized well boned lad totally belying his yrs. could easily hold his own in the breed. Superb pigment and expression and used his ears for the lovely wedge shape to head. Arching to neck and good front assembly firm body tone and rear angles match front and neat hocks which gives him powerful drive and has reach in front another retaining balance and outline, super quality jacket and glimpses of sparkle in the sunshine .  

Allyson King