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Official Judges Critique


Paignton 4/8/23 Dobermanns

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to Judge at what is my local show. I stood in for Harriet Maclean who was unwell. I wish you a speedy recovery Harriet. Thank you to my Stewards who were very efficient. Since I last judged I’ve seen an improvement in weak patterns and overlong bodies especially in males. Some dogs are in need of regular road walking as they were not in hard muscular condition . Movement and heads need improvement. I was happy with temperaments and the standard of handling continues to improve. 

SB Dog 1/1 Murch’s Dapper Dasher . Very raw at this stage. Very exuberant and unruly. The first ever show for dog and handler. Head ok, correct shaped dark eye. Body too long . Moved ok when settled .

MPD 6 /0  1 Gallagher’s Manzart Excalibur at Izralight . Very nice male, with a promising future nice outline 8 months old . Beautiful head, sound front, good bone. Standing on strong patterns, super feet. Needs more spring of rib, moved and handled well. BPD

2 Bishop’s Korifey Heartbreak to Sacaria . Another quality pup, this time a brown. Sound with a sharp outline. In good condition. Balanced angulation, ample substance, elegant .Head ok, good expression. Preferred movement of 1, but has a promising future. 

3 Evan’s Amazon Showtime 

PD 1/1

JD no entries

PG 3/2

Tyler’s Jojavik Bimbs Away at Asteri . Almost 2 years old. Masculine head of correct proportions. Lovely alert expression. Acceptable angulation. Brisket needs to drop. Well muscled , in good condition . A little long in body for me. Moved ok

L/D 6/0 Excellent class of quality males. 

1 Hunt & Flintcroft’s Tuwos Mr Majestik Vonsallate. Brown, 2 years old . Very masculine male of excellent breed type full of quality.Best head of the day, correct proportions. Good under jaw. Excellent alert expression, eye colour acceptable. Ears too big . Round bone, substance with elegance. Hard well muscled condition. Straight front, short patterns standing on tight feet. Ample heart and lung room, has the required spring of rib. Short coupled , square , balanced angulation. From behind you can apppreciate muscular thighs standing on straight hocks. Free and easy gait, covered the ground with purpose. Free standing he naturally stands four square. I’m sure he will achieve Champion Status  . Handler and exhibit in unison. My CC winner 

2 Young’s Krieger’s Hunky Dory at Malibray JW 

Another quality brown, maturing now into a male capable of going on to top honours. Many attributes of 1, in good condition. Handled by one of the Breed’s best handlers bringing out the best of him on the move, holding his top line, strides out with purpose, good reach and rear drive. Straight as a die coming and going. Preferred the head and underline of 1

3 Robertson’s Cockneyoka Dire Straights 

OD 5/2 Quality not quantity. 3 outstanding males, all worthy Champions

1 Robinson’s Ch Lux Ch NI Ch Korifey Ivan Shcex

What a pleasure to go over this powerful male. Excellent breed type, not flashy just a sound Dobe of correct construction. Masculine but still elegant. Good head, but would prefer a longer muscle. Acceptable head planes. Scores highly on the flowing neck , top line , tailset. Well muscled  thighs, correct bend of stifle . To be critical, his rust markings could be darker.Sound on the move covering the ground well.  Plenty of heart and lung room, I’ve no doubt this boy could work all day. Very well handled, his condition and schooling is a credit to you. RCC

2 Jones Ushakova’s Ch Korifey Vanquish . Another excellent representative of the breed, his show career wins confirm that . From the same kennel as 1, so much to like about this exhibit. Loved his head, good expression, correct head planes, strong under jaw . Medium size, balanced, square, not overdone in any way. Handled to advantage, sound on the move, good reach and drive. To be critical I want more of him, lacking the substance of 1 but it was a very close decision. 

3 Edyveane’s Ch Jojavik Victor Rizzi at kateamead 

VD No entries 

MPB 3/0 Merrett’s Korifey Sweet Child of Mine Wow ! The star of the day for me. Outstanding young, example of the breed, oozing quality . 

So feminine, outline pencil sharp and hard to find fault in any part of her conformation. Beautiful head, excellent planes, Ear set, proportions , under jaw all correct. Super length of neck giving her the elegance the standard calls for . At this age , development of forechest, brisket depth and spring of rib is advanced. Her correct construction  provides super sound, correct movement .Handled to perfection. BPB BPIB and thrilled to see her go on to be awarded BPIG and Best Puppy in Show

2 Mycroft’s Supeta’s Every Witch Way. 6 months old. A very smart young lady. Square in appearance, good breed type. Super top line and tailset. A sound youngster with a straight front and balanced angulation. Preferred the head and movement of 1

3 Caldicott’s Aritaur Cirilla with Philmont 

PB 1/0 Tant’s Rafthouse Bundlebrent at Granadeya Promising brown, maturing nicely . Scores highly in crisp outline, depth of brisket, square, tight feet. Moved with vigour.  Another good head . Sympathetically handled to advantage. I will watch her career with interest . 

JB 4/1 1 Taylor and Stracey’s Krieger’s in Style JW Beautiful female that had come on in leaps and bounds. Flashy, showy, excellent breed type. Well schooled and handled . Dark correct rust  markings, forechest, length and shape of neck , super expression, good angles, bone straight front. Handled to perfection. Easy winner here . 

2 Evan’s Amazon She is Adored. Brown different type to one . Dark brown coating good condition. Adequate for chest and spring of rib . Moved ok. Preferred head an angulation of 1

3 Webb’s Shalissa Perfect Blend JW

PGB 3/2

1 Evans’ Amazon Just let Me Adore You . I liked this female a lot, one for the future for sure. Not flashy, just a very sound honest bitch. Liked her head, square outline, bone, angulation. Moved soundly ,coming and going ,  with purpose, good reach and drive. In good condition shame she was alone. 

LB 3/2 Two very different Breed Types here

1 Hunt’s Jojavik Express Yourself  at Virsco my notes say pleasing head, outline, straight front , moved with vigour . 

2 Hutchinson’s and Mycroft’s Supeta’s Diamonds R Forever . Smaller than 1 . Head ok, acceptable angulation, square, good depth of brisket. I found 1 to be cleaners over the shoulders 

OB 10/3 Super class, best of the day, some lovely females here

1 Bisland’s Ch Krieger’s Highland Fling JW

Stunning brown, of super breed type. Fits the Breed Standard so well, substantial yet feminine, oozing quality in a package that says to me she could do the job she was bred for all day long ! Super flowing outline, neck, sloping top line into correct tail set , fore chest , depth of brisket, spring of rib all correct. Dark brown jacket in hard well muscled condition. Pasterns let down, as they should be, tight feet, short strong, straight hocks . To be critical her head could be better, would prefer more under jaw . On the move she comes into her own, great reach, super drive , needs a big ring to let her stride out. I’m super hard condition a credit to owner and breeder. Handled  to perfection. CC and BOB

2 Parker’s Ch Tuwos Lyra . I judged her as a youngster and felt she had a lot to come when she matured. She is an outstanding female, of correct breed type, reminds me so much of my  Ch Holtzburg J’Adore du Boogie. Like 1 , substantial yet having the femininity and elegance the standard calls for , as well as being fit for function. Could certainly do the job she was bred for. Stunning head piece, everything flows from one body part to the next. Well off for bone, top line slopes correctly, a well muscled power house., moving with drive and purpose. Well handled . RCC

3 Murray’s & McCall’s Mario Galataya 

Gary Daniel ( Mattacane)