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Judging: Driffield Champion Stakes, Gundog Group

AV Gundog Champion Stakes Dog/Bitch (26 Entries) Abs: 14
1st: Corbett Sh Ch Trimere Time Fly's, this beautiful English Springer Spaniel Bitch caught my eye on both the stack and the move and challenged me to go past her, I loved her shape on the stack, she has a feminine head which is all in proportion, skull of medium length and fairly broad, cheeks flat, good chiselling below the eyes, almond shaped dark eye, scissor bite, lobular ears of good length nicely feathered, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, forelegs straight, elbows set well to body, deep chest, well sprung ribs, good balanced angulation front and rear, tight compact feet, tail set on low, moved true with a free easy manner. 
2nd: Gerrard & Bell Sh Ch Chesterhope C'mon Over to Carmandine (Imp NZ), Beautiful Pointer bitch who I was told later is the mother to my winner of the Puppy Dog stakes, she has a beautiful outline with graceful curves. She has a balanced head with correct proportions, stop well defined, nose and eyes rim dark, muzzle somewhat concave, well developed soft lip, kind expression in her eyes, scissor bite, ears set fairly high with slightly pointed tips, she has a great length of neck into well laid shoulders, chest with heart room, brisket well let down, forelegs straight with oval bone, pasterns slightly sloping, well sprung ribs, well turned stifles, very muscular, oval feet, tail of medium length tapering gradually to a point, she had a ground covering movement driving from the rear.  
3rd: Layton Sh Ch Layways Lana Del Rey