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Official Judges Critique

Judging: Terrier Group

Darlington Dog Show 2023

Terrier Group


My sincere thanks go to the Officers and Committee of Darlington for the invitation to judge the Terrier Group. This was a high quality group and there were several that I have given top honours to in the past who didn’t make the shortlist today. 


For the top spot I chose Wilberg’s Fox Terrier (Smooth) Ch. Kanix Quickstep. Grand head with very neat ears.  Keen, alert expression.  Clean neck and shoulders.  Good bone and excellent feet.  Good depth of chest, short back with good tail set.  Very impressive on the move and her rapport with her handler is a pleasure to see.  

Group 2 was the Irish Terrier, Averis and Ryan’s Holbam Ace of Saredon.  Shown in great form and condition. Presents a really pleasing racy outline. Neat ears, fairly small sparking eyes and strong muzzle. Good depth of chest and rib.  Strong loin.  Sound and free moving. In third place I chose the Parson Russel Terrier, Smith’s Ch. Heythrop Task Master for Alncroft.  Workmanlike and in hard condition.  Beautifully balanced, and good for both size and type.  Easily spannable.  Strong muscular hindquarters gave him plenty of drive on the move. Group 4 was Tate and Nagrecha’s Jack Russell Terrier, Jaeva Page Turner Chandlimore. Quite an eye-catcher! Good head proportions, strong muzzle and she has an excellent forehand.  Well ribbed body with some strength over the loin. Sound and free moving. 


The Kerry Blue Terrier, Lakeland Terrier, Manchester Terrier and the Welsh Terrier were also shortlisted.  


Judge: Tom Mather