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City of Birmingham Championship Show

Judges Critiques

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Official Judges Critique

Judging: Hound Group, Young Kennel Club Stakes

Class 1550 YKC Hd (10 Entries) Abs: 6
1st: 1603 FREUDENREICH, Miss Charlotte Rangali shimmy jimmy - Basset Fauve De Bretagna  - presented in lovely condition, this young male has a bright future im sure, lovely harsh coat of excellent colour and texture, lovely head and expression, good pigment, correct dentition, muscular neck, good depth of chest, ribs carried well back, good angles front and rear, excellent on the move with correct sound footfall, effortless in profile, beautifully handled. 
2nd: 2438 TYSON, Mr Craig & TYSON, Mrs Louise Starceylon She's a Mover JW - Whippet - She was beautiful in outline, clean with excellent under and overline, good tuck up, beautiful head and expression, tight rose shaped ears, balanced angles, good tail set, super sound on the move, correctly moved at just the right pace by her handler. 
3rd: 1899 CUMBERLAND, Mrs J & CUMBERLAND, Miss R Mumysami Beth Level of Crazy
Res: 1999 KIRKWOOD-EMERY, Misses A & A & KIRKWOOD-EMERY, Mrs Ch Helydon Laird Loki JW

Class 1551 YKC Toy (11 Entries) Abs: 5
1st: 3429 RUTHERFORD, Miss H & RUTHERFORD, Mrs Catherine Potbelli Limited Edition JW - Pug - really lovely shape, nice and cobby, lovely head with correct definition of wrinkle, correct bite, slightly arched neck allowing correct carriage on the move, strong muscular topline, moved well with purposeful footfall and carriage. Well handled
2nd: 3178 TWIGG, Mrs S J Teffys Felix Felicis- Miniture Pincher - what a smart female, alert at all times with a beautiful head and expression, well set erect ears set on high, strong muscular neck, straight front legs, balanced angles, good tail set and carriage, on the move displays a lovely hackney action. Well handled. 
3rd: 2590 CHADWICK, Mrs Emma & CHADWICK, Mr Mark Cavallibrook Why Oh Why
Res: 3226 MASON, Miss Kara Finity Run The Gauntlet
VHC: 3192 ABBOTT, Miss Lucy Kenzduo Tulip Tyrant