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Hound Association 2019

The Royal Canin Puppy Stakes

Judge: Mrs Z Rawson

Best Dog : Not Awarded
Res Best Dog : Not Awarded
Best Bitch : Not Awarded
Res Best Bitch : Not Awarded
Best Puppy :
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner :

Class 485 MPD Stakes (10 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 111 LEGGET Mrs I Swanwite Take A Chance On Me
2nd: 211 FEASBY, Mrs K & FEASBY Miss R Caldewriver Wizard Of Oz At Torcarhian
3rd: 1320 TIMMS, Mr G & TIMMS Miss O Carlincox Solid Gold
Res: 495 RIDGE-REEVES Mrs S M Sukeshi Nureyev
VHC: 753 JENNINGS Miss J Jenivon Mr Mischief

Class 486 PD Stakes (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 161 REVENS, Miss A & HYDE Mr P Blevwil World Class At Beabass
2nd: 323 CLOSE Mrs D Sparrowgill Smarty
3rd: 411 SNEDDEN Mr & Mrs J J & C Newlin Quick Step At Hardexspen
Res: 1526 WOOD Mr W M Ardencote What A Legend
VHC: 1441 NEALE Mrs C Runaround Jazz Singer At Stormalong

Class 487 MPB Stakes (22 Entries) Abs: 15
1st: 1097 FOX Mrs A Barrassy's Copyright
2nd: 1256 COX Mrs L A Carlincox Pure Gold
3rd: 1082 BRIDGES Mrs B & Mr S J Barrassy Lucky Number Seven
Res: 1510 WHITAKER-CROSBY Mrs J Crosscop May Be One More at Mulcair
VHC: 105 HUDSON Miss Z Tokaji Moon Over Miami With Mutoko

Class 488 PB Stakes (12 Entries) Abs: 5
1st: 1446 NEWTON Miss E W Nevedith Beau Peep
2nd: 356 HUNT, NORRIS, CARMICHAEL, & STARBROOK Shercroft Liberty
3rd: 339 DAWSON, Miss S J & GOODALL Mr S J Evalux Cashmere Upon Rundle (Imp) It
Res: 360 JENNINGS Miss J Kenaiteen Point Pleasant
VHC: 428 WEBSTER Miss S C Michelroy Pimpernell With Houndscoast

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