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Bath Canine Society 2019

Eukanuba Puppy Stakes 4

Judge: Mr C Hastings

Best Dog : Not Awarded
Res Best Dog : Not Awarded
Best Bitch : Not Awarded
Res Best Bitch : Not Awarded
Best Puppy :
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner :

Class 3066 PD Stakes (41 Entries) Abs: 22
1st: 5899 WALTON Mr D & Mrs S Ashoka's Blaze of Glory at Keunnevek
2nd: 7326 WARNER Mr F & Mrs P Talanors Time For Fun
3rd: 6230 MURDOCH, Mr J K & HIRST Mrs M W Cukoton White Magic Jinx For Cotonalba
Res: 6629 ROBB Mrs I & Mr G Gleniren Who's Your Daddy
VHC: 6717 CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Lireva's Quadrophonic

Class 3067 PB Stakes (30 Entries) Abs: 16
1st: 7205 WILBERG, Mrs K & EVANS Mrs S Pinnacle Amanda To Kanix
2nd: 5907 FABIAN Mrs C A Tumbril Ticketyboo
3rd: 6783 FITSALL Miss C Abukadra Tutti Frutti
Res: 6686 CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Lireva's Quadrophenia
VHC: 7407 GREENWOOD Mrs M & Mr P Carisco Return Amber To Petmon

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