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Bath Canine Society 2018

The Geoffrey Waring Special Beginners Stakes 4

Judge: Mrs L J Salt

Best Dog : Not Awarded
Res Best Dog : Not Awarded
Best Bitch : Not Awarded
Res Best Bitch : Not Awarded
Best Puppy :
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner :

Class 2796 SpB Stake (34 Entries) Abs: 18
1st: 5351 JONES Miss L Llwyni Simba Stop N'stare JW Sh.CM
2nd: 6331 BULLIS Mrs A & A J Goodtry Ruby Tuesday At Amaffrey
3rd: 6833 HANDLEY Ms A H Jothryn Golden Sun
Res: 6678 HAWKINS, Ms J & SMITH, Mr J W & HODGE Mrs K G Oracle's Prophecy
VHC: 6834 HANDLEY Ms A H Lawleymoon First Love

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