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GBAS 2013 - Gundog Group

Judging for Best in Gundog Group

Judge: Mr Michael Gadsby

BEST : 220 SANDIFORD, C A & P & LEWIS, C Sh Ch Hernwood Calypso Goddess JW Sh CM

RESERVE : 721 STEPHENSON Ms P Sh Ch Torrweaving Best Mate of Falahall

3rd : 1369 THIRLWELL Mr J S Sh Ch Ferndel Aeron Magregor

4th : 174 MCCULLOUGH Mr P F & Mrs M Sh Ch Ir Ch Am Ger Int Ch Timo I I V Bockenhagen

Gundog Puppy Group
Judge: Mr Rui Oliveira

1st : 1198 MASON, Mrs C & CLUBB, Mrs D & MASON Miss S Lynwater Out Of Touch - SPANIEL (COCKER) - Dog
2nd : 312 UPTON Mr G Ragnolds Fantastic Mr Fox To Tragus - HUNGARIAN WIREHAIRED VIZSLA - Dog
3rd : 1221 CORBETT Mrs A E Trimere Teresa Green - SPANIEL (ENGLISH SPRINGER) - Bitch
4th : 560 DYER, Mrs S & DYER Miss S Sharnphilly Legally Blonde - POINTER - Bitch

Gundog Veteran Group
Judge: Mr Rui Oliviera

1st : 174 MCCULLOUGH Mr P F & Mrs M Sh Ch Ir Ch Am Ger Int Ch Timo I I V Bockenhagen - GERMAN WIREHAIRED POINTER - Dog
2nd : 1367 RITCHIE Mr A & Mrs T C Sh Ch Hillrobin Galaxy at Slapestones JW - SPANIEL (WELSH SPRINGER) - Bitch
3rd : 102 DUNCAN Mr I Sh Ch Magregor Pukka JW Sh CM - GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER - Dog
4th : 1398 ADAMO Mrs L J Sh Ch Zakro Elvis Presley JW Sh CM - WEIMARANER - Dog

Gundog Breeder Group
Judge: Mr Rui Olivera

1st : O'Neil - Pointers
2nd : Not Awarded
3rd : Not Awarded
4th : Not Awarded

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