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National Dog Show Press Release

National Dog Show Press Release

National Dog Show 2021 …the Show must go on !! 

The current COVID related restrictions, the rising infection rates and increased hospitalisations clearly pose a serious threat to the viability of holding the National Dog Show at Staffordshire Showground from 6th – 9th May 2021; especially given 60% of our show would be indoors. Whilst the vaccines represent a major ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ they are unlikely to have a material impact on the safety of people attending an event in early May. 

The Officers and Committee of Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd are understandably very keen not to have to cancel our show for a second year running. We have created robust plans to hold a COVID–safe event in 2021 including increasing the number of rings, creating breed ‘bubbles’ wherever possible and incorporating sufficient space to allow two metre social distancing for exhibitors as an added precaution. At this stage though the collective feeling is that, even with the best will in the world, the first weekend in May is just going to come that bit too soon. 

To avoid cancellation we explored at options to move the show forward to later in the year when hopefully the overall COVID situation will be much improved. As a result The Kennel Club has approved our application to hold our show from 23rd – 26th September 2021. 

When a General Championship Show requests to change their dates or asks to change their Group rotation/pairings there will inevitably be ‘clashes’ with scheduled Breed Club Championship Shows. There are 60 Breed Club Championship Shows with a licence to hold their show on one of these dates in September (the former Belfast Championship Show weekend). The only time two sets of CC’s can be awarded to the same breed on the same day is if a Breed Club holds their show in partnership with a General Championship Show. If a Breed Club is not willing or able to do this the General Championship Show loses their CC allocation for this breed and as such the breed loses a set of CC’s and the judge loses their appointment; something Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd were naturally very keen to avoid ! . To minimise disruption to Breed Club Championship Show plans and avoid losing any sets of CC’s it has been necessary to change our 2021 Group rotation and pairings which The Kennel Club has also approved. The 2021 Group rotation and pairings will now be as follows :- Thursday 23rd September - Gundogs Friday 24th September – Pastoral and Terriers Saturday 25th September – Hounds and Utility Sunday 26th September – Toys and Working All the 2021 judges have been contacted and it is sincerely hoped they are still available to judge in September. However, we understand that there may be instances where the change of date may impact on future judging appointments and judges may not now be able to officiate at our 2021 Show. We will naturally try and re-book these judges at the earliest opportunity. If it is necessary to change any of the 2021 judges the new judges names will be publicised as soon as possible but will of course be subject to KC approval. There are already over 30 Breed Clubs planning to host postponed 2020 Championship Shows, 2021 ‘partnership’ Championship Shows, Open Shows and Special Events at the National Dog Show in May. The Society has contacted all the respective Breed Club Secretaries in the hope that their Committees are still willing to maintain the plans made albeit now on a different date. The Officers and Committee members hope fellow exhibitors will understand and respect the logic and sentiment behind the changes outlined above. We look forward to extending our customary warm welcome to you all at the National Dog Show 2021 albeit now in September. Any questions please contact Secretary Jennie Griffiths on 01694 751258 or secretary@the